Charioteer of Life

Charioteer of Life is my second self published book, which is well received on Facebook. I am planning hone it a bit and publish it officially on kindle and ibooks soon. I gave this e-book as a thank you gift to donors of $25 or more who helped raise $1600 for my COVID-19 Feeding America Fundraiser on Facebook. 


Sarathi in Sanskrit translates to ‘Charioteer for Gods and Royalty’ in Hindu mythology. Sarathi, is always a male by default. He needed to be skillful, face danger and always protect his passengers in his chariot, both in war and in peace.


In my book I feature women of today as Sarathy - Charioteers of life. They are the Ashtavadhanis, capable of doing 8 different things simultaneously, balancing their responsibilities of home, profession, work, family, finance, children and their education, to name a few. 

Women are skillful, loving, caring and boldly face their life situations. They fight through tough times and protect their loved ones. These women bear the brunt and burdens of life both literally and metaphorically. These women charioteers are the quintessential role models and heroes for generations of women to come.


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