Austin East of I 35

I wanted to capture the spirit of the East Austinites by listening to and photographing the people who make East Austin unique. During this process I realized that I was privileged to capture and portray an important and yet often unsung history of Austin, the history east of I-35. These true-life stories capture the essence of the persona behind the façade of East Austin that truly has been a precursor to making Austin the melting pot that it is today.


I met many elders native to East Austin, who have lived their entire lives there and are feeling the pinch of urban renewal. This renewal process has driven the development of new high rise condos and property redevelopment driving higher property taxes. The arrival of  a new generation of people who are attracted to the culture of East Austin is welcome but comes at the cost of East Austinites who have lived in the area for generations, and are unable to maintain their homes forcing many to leave the area, eroding on the original charm of this unique neighborhood.

Tropical Leaves